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Product Name Bike Vision
Item NO 08
Weight 0.18 kg = 0.3968 lb = 6.3493 oz
Category Cycling
Creation time 2020-05-22

As a vehicle-owner, there is no reason why you deserve any less than motorbike and car owners when it comes to your safety.

"75% of bicyclist deaths occur in Urban areas, with dangers accountable to front-crashes when bikers turn around to avoid tailgaters" (NHTSA, 2017).

Wouldn't it be relieving if you could ride safe in your Urban city like the rest of the cars and motorcyclists?

The unique Bike Vision is a must-have side-view mirror for cyclists for the safety of their bicycles, body, and their lives! Its comfy-cotton & long, and strong-velcro straps can be tied to your wrists or arms; whatever fits your vision!

Helmet and glasses mirror block your sight and handle-bar mirrors shake too much. These make your rides more dangerous than safe!

The wearable Bike Vision is not just a wearable wide-field convex rear-view mirror; it's you on the road through rushing cars. Its unique 360° rotation disk allows you to adjust it to your liking, like you'd do in a car!

Harsh rides? No worries! It's durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene body will let you keep your minimalist style.

No more road-stress from turning around, commute easier, and dodge those jay-walkers & car-bullies away!

Ride like a car; Equipped & Safe.

Order yours now to get 50% OFF during this New Year Sale! (Offer valid until the item is sold out!)


✔️Keeps You Safe While Turning on Busy Roads

✔️Buy 2 For Both Sides

✔️Wide-Angle Convex Mirror For Complete Picture

✔️360° Rotation-Disk For Perfect View

✔️Wear On Your Arm or Wrist, Front or Side-Ways

✔️No Turning of Head or Blockage of Line of Vision

✔️Comfortable (Cotton) Strong-Velcro Straps

✔️Made From Durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

✔️Light Weight (g), Rear-View Mirror (6.6cm x 6.6mm) Width 2cm

✔️Easiest Installation: Long Strap (5cm - 50cm Wrists or Arms)

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